Physicians Health Plan has built a network of providers who are committed to providing quality care to our members, and we encourage like-minded healthcare professionals in PHP’s service area to consider partnering with us.

If you are a provider located in one of the counties PHP serves and would like to be considered for participation status, please complete the MMUC Application and submit it to the address identified on the application.

All provider applications are reviewed in accordance with applicable Michigan laws regarding HMO provider panels. Once your application is reviewed, you will either be mailed a participation agreement for your signature, or if PHP has a sufficient number of providers in your specialty area, you will be sent a letter declining your participation request.

Currently, PHP has a sufficient number of providers in some specialties, including but not limited to: laboratory, chiropractic, durable medical equipment, outpatient surgical centers, optometrists, physical therapy and behavioral health management services.

For specific information, please contact our Network Services Department at 517.364.8312.

More details regarding credentialing and PHP’s approval process for providers to join our network may be found in the Providers Section.