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Are you looking for comprehensive health coverage at an affordable price? We have plans to fit your needs and your budget. We are happy to guide you through the process of finding a health plan solution that is right for you.

Quick Tips – Before You Begin

The more information you supply, the sooner we can provide you with a complete and accurate quote.

You will need the following information to request a quote:

  • A list of your employees who will be covered by the plan, their birth dates and any of their dependent information
  • The day you’d like to start your PHP coverage
  • Information about your current benefit plan: your insurance agent (if any), current rates and employee contributions

How to Request a Quote

  1. Fill out this Census-Worksheet
  2. Save a copy of the completed Census file
  3. Attach the Census file and send in a secured email to

Need Assistance?

Feel free to contact a friendly PHP Sales representative at 517.364.8484.