About PHP


Physicians Health Plan began in 1980, when Sparrow Health System and a group of visionary physicians began developing mid-Michigan's first broad-based independent practice association (IPA), a type of health maintenance organization. An IPA is made up of a network of local physicians, hospitals and other professionals who deliver a full continuum of care. In 1982, PHP introduced its first products to the market. Today PHP remains a subsidiary of Sparrow, and it has more than 3,100 practitioners and 31 hospitals participating in its provider network.  


Physicians Health Plan is governed by a board of directors composed of adult PHP enrollees, community residents, participating physicians and hospital representatives. The PHP board is responsible for establishing and overseeing corporate policy, and it is supported by designated committees covering areas such as operations, quality improvement, care coordination, finance, credentialing and pharmacy and therapeutics.

Our board members are:

Brittany Bogan

James Butler, III, Chair

Timothy Hodge, D.O.

Tom Hoffman, PhD.*

  David Kaufman, D.O.

Shalimar Maynard*

Deborah Muchmore

Marritta Proctor

Dennis J. Reese

Paula Reichle

Dennis Swan

James Tischler*

* Denotes enrollee-elected director

Our Mission

To improve the health status of our members by facilitating access to quality, compassionate, accessible and cost-effective health services through organized health delivery systems.

Our Vision

To be the premier health financing organization, known for its ability to improve the health status of its members and for its service, quality, innovative and cost-effective financing solutions for employers, individuals, purchasers and governmental agencies.

Our Values

To improve the health status of our members by providing quality, compassionate, accessible, cost-effective health services through an organized health delivery and financing system.

Whom We Serve

We primarily serve employers and their employees as well as individuals who have chosen PHP as their health plan.

We Will Achieve Our Vision By:

  • Holding our health delivery networks accountable for improving the health status of our members through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention
  • Maintaining exceptionally high member and purchaser satisfaction levels
  • Advocating for the health needs of the membership
  • Providing a portfolio of products that are value-driven and deliver measurable quality, compassionate, accessible, cost-effective healthcare
  • Working collaboratively with healthcare providers by aligning incentives to focus on quality, cost-effective care
  • Achieving active and significant community participation in governance
  • Finding solutions from the employer's human resource perspective
  • Working collaboratively with brokers and agents
  • Ensuring financial viability by maintaining appropriate medical-cost-to-premium ratios in all health plan products
  • Providing meaningful information to purchasers and providers

Our Brand

The interlocking rings in PHP’s logo represent relationships – between community and healthcare, quality and member experience, PHP heritage and vision, members and their health plan, and PHP and its network of providers. They further reflect the importance of PHP’s relationship with Sparrow and our shared goal to improve the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care.

Our mark in the community stands as a testament to what we believe, what we practice and what we strive to become every day.